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Me & Ruby

Our Story


When searching for a 100% grain free feed that contained a quality meat source for Diesel my chocolate Labrador, I quickly realised it was a going to be somewhat of a challenge, Diesel suffered from a grain intolerance and had other food allergies which were present from him being a young pup.

Diesel and I had an active life together from walking in our local forest and surrounding countryside, to bike rides and eventually we also shared a hobby which meant he needed to be kept in peak condition. So with this in mind the decision was made to develop Peak Performance (previously The Countryman's Choice)

Unfortunately I lost Diesel in April 2022 due do seizures at just 6 years old but my mission will still continue in his honour.

I'm passionate about teaching other owners the importance of a quality diet for their dogs, especially those with an active lifestyle. 

I believe a dog should be fed in a way that will fuel  their body correctly to optimise all round health and wellbeing. 

People who know me personally will tell you that I spend most my free time roaming the countryside with my dogs, I also enjoy my time working and training them too. 

please feel free to follow our adventures on our Instagram page 



Charlene x
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Sample our food

Our food samples are an excellent way of trying out our nutritional feeds with your dog before buying larger bags. They are available for each of our feeds, free of charge, and usually arrive within three working days. due to high demand these are limited to two per customer

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